Meet your lovely house in the Kingdom of Thailand

Посмотрите видео о доме мечты в стране улыбок и вечного лета

Основные характеристики дома

aspect_ratio 256 м2
155 м2
hot_tub 1
pool 28 м2

Take advantage of what you get in addition when you purchase this home:

  1. No commissions! You buy a house from the owner, and this fact saves a minimum of USD 10,000 of the commission, which would you pay to real estate agency in common situation
  2. Ability to start to live in the house immediately after the payment of 50%! After payment only USD 60,000 you can start to live in the house
  3. During your absence the house can be rented, and will bring you extra income. The village has a rental department, who gladly will take the trouble to surrender your house guests, that will turn this investment into profitable investments

But this is not all

All property owners have the opportunity to use a common infrastructure of six villages without any restrictions. The village is situated in a picturesque place on the temple areas in an ecologically clean area, 2.5 km from the beaches, as well as a 15-minute drive from central Pattaya. The largest shopping complexes and world famous Jomtien beach 10 km to the local wild beach 5-10 minutes, and pure as on the islands with white sand and palm trees, the beach can be reached in 20 minutes. U-Tapao International Airport is only 20 km from Bangkok airport 120 km. On the territory of the complex of villas «Baan Dusit Pattaya Village» offers beautiful panoramic views of the mountains, palm trees and jungle surrounding the village, as well as beautiful views of the golden Buddha image carved in gold on one of the rocks - a place especially popular and loved by tourists. Within a radius of 10 km from the village is located close to tourist sites and places of interest:

Два варианта покупки данного дома:

Цены указаны с учетом текущего обменного курса и покупка возможна в одной из этих валют

฿ 4,189,000 (тайских бат)

₽ 8,170,000 (российских рублей)

$ 134,000 (долларов США)

€ 109,000 (Евро)

Дом без мебели с возможностью самостоятельной мебелировки по своему вкусу

฿ 5,000,000 (тайских бат)

₽ 8,700,000 (российских рублей)

$ 150,000 (долларов США)

€ 129,000 (Евро)

Дом как вы видите на фото и видео. Дом мебелируется застройщиком