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Meet your lovely house in the Kingdom of Thailand only for USD 120,000


This is single-storey house and has the area of 155 m2, land area is 256 m2. The house has three bedrooms, walk-in closet, big kitchen, 1 bathroom, spacious living room, covered parking, stockroom, on the territory there is a pool of 27 sq. m, made landscape design, which creates an atmosphere of tranquility and peace. Elegant Thai-Balinese style dominates in the interior rooms.

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Take advantage of what you get in addition when you purchase this home:

  1. No commissions! You buy a house from the owner, and this fact saves a minimum of USD 10,000 of the commission, which would you pay to real estate agency in common situation
  2. This price of less than USD 10,000 according to the current price from the developer. As a homeowner bought the property two years ago before the price increase, then to accelerate the sale decided not to raise the price and sell at the original price on the same terms, which is win-win situation for both parties
  3. Ability to start to live in the house immediately after the payment of 50%! After payment only USD 60,000 you can start to live in the house
  4. Next 24 month, you can pay the cost in equal installments at home, or in accordance with its schedule with an interest rate of 5.5% per annum. This installment provided by the developer, so any additional documents and agreements with the banks you do not need
  5. During your absence the house can be rented, and will bring you extra income. The village has a rental department, who gladly will take the trouble to surrender your house guests, that will turn this investment into profitable investments

But this is not all

All property owners have the opportunity to use a common infrastructure of six villages without any restrictions. The village is situated in a picturesque place on the temple areas in an ecologically clean area, 2.5 km from the beaches, as well as a 15-minute drive from central Pattaya. The largest shopping complexes and world famous Jomtien beach 10 km to the local wild beach 5-10 minutes, and pure as on the islands with white sand and palm trees, the beach can be reached in 20 minutes. U-Tapao International Airport is only 20 km from Bangkok airport 120 km. On the territory of the complex of villas «Baan Dusit Pattaya Village» offers beautiful panoramic views of the mountains, palm trees and jungle surrounding the village, as well as beautiful views of the golden Buddha image carved in gold on one of the rocks - a place especially popular and loved by tourists. Within a radius of 10 km from the village is located close to tourist sites and places of interest:


Opens company where 51% belongs to the nominal Thais who sign Resignation of their votes, 49% owned by you or your representatives, this company issued and registered in the registering body the transaction, the house itself can directly further draw on its name already.

The content of the company and the taxes on the land cheaply, all together from 6000 to 12,000 THB per year

The management company is, the payments depend on the size of your plot of land, for example, with 2 acres of land in the second part of the village - it is 750 THB per month, water, sewage centralized - 15 THB per cubic meter. m, electricity by 3.7 THB per kilowatt, basseynschiki 1000 - 1500 THB, gardeners 500-1500 THB per month.

Everyone decides for itself if you fly scheduled and you know the date of your next visit and missing will be more than 3 months., Then you can simply pool to stop, a garden not to water (from the time of the year depends on) before you arrive tell the date, you will clean, launch pool, garden, ennoble, economically turns profitable, if it is less than 3 months, it is best to maintain the state of the garden and pool.

House for sale is even easier than the apartment, I go out from the founders, you go, it is worth it 5000-10000 THB, no taxes are not paid, issued in two business days.

Shanghai is not it precisely because we are already on the adjacent temple land, there is nothing to build will not give, but to us the land is already sold out (sold out) under the settlements, private closed settlement, spa centers Resort.

All documents to date can be issued on the internet - deposit contract and registration of the house.

In all formal schools have school buses that are paid additionally.

By design it looks and is made so. The land is made in the property (not rent) of your company. The company opened 10 days. The cost of opening depends on the value of the house - 25000-45000 THB, kompaniii content with taxes on land costing 6000-12000 THB per year. After the opening of the Thais immediately sign the application for the transfer of their votes in the company, but does not say to whom they transmit and their is no date on this document. All Thais presence of these you will not need to, you can organize without them. In the hands of you after full payment will be - the originals of all the documents on the company where you or your representative will be CEO and founder, printing, exemption from the Thai original documents of title to your property issued on your company.

Yes, the house shall be in the town of 30,000 and up to 150,000 THB, it depends on the house and due date, payment terms.

Monolithic brick, foam concrete as used for insulation of external walls.

The land shall be in possession of your company, registration only on the legal person - a Thai company in which 49% will be for you and 51% on the nominal Thais who immediately sign a Resignation and you will be in the company's CEO.

Enterprise open consulting company cooperates with the developer company.

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